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Mary was my physical therapist and treated a variety of areas to include both shoulders, a broken vertebra in my lower back, a ruptured plantar fascia and a bulging disk in my neck. Using the techniques gained from years of physical therapy teaching, coupled with her love of Pilates and the use of a reformer, I began to evolve over time and ended up being in the best shape in my life.


Mary always made SURE that we progressed through the recovery of my injuries and although at times it was a grueling process, she was so encouraging, funny and delightful that I was completely motivated to do my home exercises and couldn’t wait to see her in therapy. 


Mary is a fantastic teacher, listener and friend. She is very creative with the exercises she uses for part of your lesson when you may be standing beside the reformer.  There is no better teacher for Pilates that I’ve ever had.

 - Robin C.


6209 Lee Highway

Chattanooga, TN 37421

Ph: (423) 355-5756


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