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Strengthen From

The Inside Out

Creating Stronger Bodies With

Therapeutic Pilates

Welcome to The Pilates Workshop. We’re Chattanooga’s newest hybrid studio offering the muscular and postural strength training of Pilates integrated with the science and principles of physical therapy. 


We aim to create an environment that is all encompassing, inclusive, and comfortable. Our passion is therapeutic fitness, which is created on the inside, and developed on the outside.


Our unique way of combining years of physical therapy training with the benefits of Pilates has resulted in unparalleled results for our clients, whether they are seeking enhanced muscular strength or if they’re recovering from an injury. Founder, Mary Stocker, is a Polestar Pilates Rehab Practitioner, which focuses on helping to restore, achieve or excel in physical movement. This will often help relieve back pain, muscle pain, neck pain, shoulder impingement and other conditions impending physical fitness. This training offers not only a road to recovery, but a way of wellness that can only be realized once pain is stabilized and alleviated.

The unique teachings of Pilates can also aid in the treatment of post-surgical conditions, for those recovering from knee, hip, back or other surgeries. It can help to increase range of motion and diminish habits of guarding and over-recruitment of muscles to restore healthy movement patterns.

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Axial Elongation/Core Control

Axial elongation prevents compressive forces on the spine that can be the source of painful spinal pathologies while core control allows you to stabilize in proper alignment so that you can move as efficiently as possible through the largest range of motion that your body allows. 

Spine Articulation

So often with spinal pathologies, we move at too few segments which contributes to further back pain and impairments. If we can distribute the movement of the spinal segments equally throughout the entire spine, we can distribute the force that the spine takes at any one segment to decrease pain and increase function. 

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Whole Body movement
Balanced Muscle Development

Whole body movement relates to our mind-body connection, and how we make changes in our motor control to direct the mechanisms for our movement. This is the integration of all principles into fluid and efficient performance of any task at hand. So often, people stop movement with pain or injury, though movement is what heals our pain and pathology. It is important to be able to differentiate intelligent and positive movement from hurtful or negative movement that perpetuates a pathologic pattern. 

With proper organization and alignment of the body, we are able to develop strength to promote concise, controlled movement. By balancing the force of muscles that exist within our bodies as well as the agonist/antagonist (opposing force) muscle groups, we are able to perform at a higher level for any task at hand, whether that be running, weight lifting or gardening. 



6209 Lee Highway

Chattanooga, TN 37421

Ph: (423) 355-5756


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