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Keeping Those Resolutions

The holidays are almost here, which means that New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner. I often get asked the question, “What’s the BEST exercise program?”, to which I always respond, “Whichever one that you’ll stick to!”

There is a lot of pressure to change all of our questionable habits revolving around just one day on the calendar, but we can start to make changes on any day, and baby steps work the best. An entire overhaul of all aspects of your life is daunting and difficult, so there’s no wonder that very few people stick with their resolutions!

If you’re thinking about fitness goals for the upcoming year, ask yourself what you keep thinking of trying, but don’t. Boxing? Rock climbing? Pilates? If you think you might like it, you’re probably right. If you’re having fun rather than just “exercising”, you’re more likely to keep going back. Consistency with any program is key!

Be aware that It is important to protect yourself from injury with any new program. Overuse injuries occur when we have not trained our bodies properly to accept the load that we put on them. If you’re doing a whole new activity, there may be some preventative exercises/training that needs to happen so that you can keep enjoying your new program without hurting yourself. We don’t get to rewrite history, but we can tear off a fresh blank page every day to write our future. Find a movement practice that you love and you’ll never feel like it’s work!

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